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Well, karapanamanolokopoulos, all I can say is that at least you have got a
sense of humor.

But tell me, was it you Greeks who gave the idea to the Americans to rename
French Fries like you changed Turkish Doner into Greek Gyros? :-) <wink,

"karapanomanolokopoulos" > wrote in message
> >You are certainly not the aboriginal peoples of what is now Greece.

> You mean a pelasgian? The Messenians next door maybe, but not me
> .......that would make me a helot. I'm a Lacedemonian, so there! I've
> told you before that Turks were not around my hood.
>>Come, I'll offer you a Turkish coffee in a gesture of friendship.

> Sorry, I
>>tried to get some Greek coffee but it doesn't exist apparently. But

> just
>>think of it as Greek coffee and be happy.

> I'm no friend of coffee, but if you want to offer friendship, I'd
> appreciate it if you increased Seanie's and markrivers medication.
> Their manic depression is becoming annoying :-)
>>And while you wait while I prepare the Turkish coffee, would you like

> some
>>Turkish lokum with roast nuts in them? If you are not happy with

> Turkish
>>Lokum just add the letter "i" at the end of it and presto it becomes

> Greek Lokumi.
> I find the two versions quite a bit different frankly, and I can't say
> I like either one. Maybe the one from the island Syros is OK
>>And BTW, what sort of nuts would you like me to roast and add to the

> lokum/i?
>> I've got a very sharp knife as good as any surgeons use.
>>How about your very own nuts? That will truly make the lokum/i truly

> Greek.
> Don't know what kind of stuff you're into, but stay away from my nuts
> unless you're female, and no transexual one...... otherwise you're
> barking up the wrong tree!