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Beth Cole
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Brick wrote:

Thank you Dave. Fortunately we have bullet proof insurance. However
money isn't going to make this go away.

Brick (Trying to keep the shiny side up)

I've lost my grandfather to this horrible disease, and my MIL is at the
point of "we hope that she doesn't wake up tomorrow" after 3 1/4 years
in the nursing home. You have my sincerest sympathies.

If you haven't yet, you might check out We have
family members & caregivers of patients everywhere on the spectrum from
newly diagnosed to late stages and deceased, as well as at least one
current early-stage patient posting to the group. The support of people
who face so many of the same challenges that I have faced has been
extremely helpful in the last few months.


Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you
nothing. It was here first. ~Mark Twain