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Mark. Gooley
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Default What IS "hierba de conejo"?

Diana Kennedy's _The Art of Mexican Cooking_ mentions it as
used in some Oaxacan dishes and says the plant is a species of
the genus _Tridax_. Other sources say that it is a species of
Indian Paintbrush, namely _Castilleja lantana_.

Anyone here know 1) which it is 2) whether the flavor is special
enough to be worth seeking out 3) a source for seed given that it is
not an Indian Paintbrush? (_C. lantana_ is available from at least
one source I can easily find online, but I suspect that it's not the
right plant.)

Gernot Katzer, the Austrian with the Spice Pages, plumps for _Tridax_.
I can't find much on-line for plants of that genus apart from their
potential as invasive weeds.

Thanks very much.

Mark. Gooley
gooley at gator dot net