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TheAlligator wrote:
> wrote:
> >Ok so you do advocate cornstarch for marinating, I thought you were
> >implying in that other message that it was a bad idea due to the
> >stickyness.
> >
> >Have you ever tried palm sugar instead of white/brown? I got into

> >with Thai curry but I noticed that some sweet soy sauce I bought per

> >recipe had it in the ingredients. Either the palm sugar or sweet

> >sauce are both really nice if you like things on the sweeter side

> >well with heat of course).
> >
> >Jesse
> >

> OK, you're apparently way ahead of me - I don't enven know where to
> FIND palm sugar or sweet soy sauce. As far as the cornstarch - no,
> it's not stickiness. You just need to cook the meat last because of
> the bits of residue left behind when cooking the chicken. I think
> using CS in the marinade sort of ends up creating the well-known
> "velveting" process, commonly used for stir-frying shrimp. The
> chicken is so tender and moist, you really can't believe it.

Guess I'm lucky but we have a little Vietnese district near us and
there's a great place with helpful people there to guide me (although
they did try to sell me a teflon Wok, guess they didn't think I was
serious about this stuff). One of the things I found out they sell is
fresh lo mein, you just need to boil it for about a minute and then
throw into the wok.

Palm sugar is realy nice though, it's slightly brown and has a nice
smooth taste, not overly sweet and more savory.

Thanks for the tip on the CS, I've never tried it with shrimp, will
have to soon.