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>Thanks I'll check out the catalog. Those are pretty cheap, I'll have
>to check my local asian mom and pop shop and see if they have a similar
>one for the same price. One last question though, how do you regulate
>the flame on one of those and is there any guidelines to how I should
>set it or do you just use it all out?

Depends on how adept you are at using the wok. Like another poster
farther down here just said, it's not how hot you GET it, but how hot
you KEEP it. Using an electric burner even on high, if you throw in a
large quantity of food at once, it will just cool down and stew. I
originally used the 35,000 unit on pretty near full blast. I'm
ashamed to admit this, but I use an oven mit on my left hand because
the wood broke off one handle years ago - the flames were lapping a
little too high, and set the mitt on fire. Since then, I let the
flames lap up the side, but not so much. But I still never turn the
flame down. I do occassionally lift the wok and flip the food a bit
so the food still cooks while it cools some. YMMV. I don't really
know how to answer your question any better, because I've never paid
much attention. My rule has always been that, within reason, the
higher the heat the better. The food's not going to be in there very
long anyway. By the way I think I could live with nothing but a wok -
and a pot for pinto beans, of course.