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>Ok so I just got a wok last night and have done two meals on it.
>Both came out really well. What I'm experiementing with is how hot
>this thing should be. I have an electric stove and after reading
>that these aren't hot enough I figured I better put mine on high.
>But when doing that the peanut oil burns easily.

I have been doing wok cooking mostly on an electric range since about
1990. I don't like electric, but I'm stuck. (Thanks to a lot of
info from regulars here, I am still toying with the idea of a
dedicated, wok-compatible induction unit). I leave the burner on HIGH
- always - and move the wok on and off the heat to regulate it. If
you try to adjust the burner, you're just chasing your tail. And yes,
keep the stuff moving - ALWAYS. All prep done in advance and don't
ever leave the wok! I do, occasionally, go outdoors and use a
20-gallon propane tank connected to a burner I got from Northern Tool
and Equipment Company ( I like it a LOT better than