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> The particular recipe I had tonight involved asparagus. [snip] I
> did notice the dish ended up having a pleasant smoky smell, different
> than what burned oil normally tastes like. Maybe peanut oil can take
> the higher heat when it comes to its flavor being affected. As it
> was the asparagus was a bit on the crunchy side for what I prefer so
> I'm wondering how I'll be able to cook it long enough without burning
> the oil/spices. [snip]

Sounds like a good start. Some hard vegetables, such as green beans,
zucchini, and your asparagus, may need more cooking than leafy ones
such as bok choy or spinach. There are (at least) three ways to deal
with this. You can boil (or steam) them in water separately, partially
cooking them before you add them to the stirfry. Or, you can just
stirfry them longer. Or, my most commonly used method, you stirfry
them for a bit, then add some water and cover the wok for a couple of
minutes, then uncover and finish the recipe.