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Tom Betz
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Quoth "Dori A Schmetterling" in news:4218c635$0

Actually there were a couple of programmes on UK TV the other
week that put forward this contention that 'Al Quaeda' is not
all-encompassing organisation and that the way it has been built
up and used by governments to pass laws limiting civil liberties
is quite Orwellian.

"The Power of Nightmares" -- a BBC2 three-parter documenting the
parallel rise of two similarly-driven terrorist movements: the
Straussian NeoCons and the Wahabi Jihadists.

Part 1 "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
Part 2 "The Phantom Victory"
Part 3 "The Shadows in the Cave"

It's a very insightful series, and the thesis as presented does
explain a lot about how these two terrorist movements have been
packaged for US and UK consumption.

George Bush's War of Choice on Iraq is a totally unnecessary war.
Every life lost, every limb lost, every disfigurement, every
disability caused there is more blood on George W. Bush's hands,
and on the hands of everyone who voted for George W. Bush.
The more you know, the less likely you were to vote for Bush.
Feeling a draft?
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