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Kent wrote:
Does anyone roast their own green coffee beans? What roaster do you

Where do you get the beans? Can you find beans for $5/lb.? Is the

Thanks for all.

Kent, I roasted my beans for 2 years. Used a Melitta roaster (had 3 of
them). I don't know if they're still made. Pick up a decent book on
coffee to learn the ins and outs of home roasting, or email me for more
I bought the beans from Home Economist, a local specialty store which
sells great foods in bulk, and also roasts their own coffee on site.
I'm sure you can pick some beans up on the web.

I was buying green coffee for anywhere from 3-11.00 lb. If you're
looking to do it just to save money, spend the extra dough for a good
freshly already roasted bean from a supplier with good volume, and
spare yourself "the experience". Home roasting is a bit of a hassle,
and smells up the house. Its not the best smell; more of nutty aromas.
I had two neighbors pounding on the door to make sure the place wasn't
on fire. It does however result on superb coffee. Ah yes, the good old