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Tried zachys they had no listings for chateau castera and wine searcher
did not have any dealers that sell to america...any other suggestions??

1) Here is their web site:

I couldn't find a contact page, but here is an email and contact address
from the WHOIS:

Chateau Castera
jean-pierre darmuzet
Chateau Castera
Saint-Germains d'Esteuil, xx
33340, FR
( )05 56 73 20 60
()05 56 73 20 60

2) I saw a couple of sites that led me to believe that Robert Kacher had
distributed them at some point, in the US, but I can't find a valid site
for him anymore...

(from Winesearcher, links will wrap)
3) Wine n Things in Raleigh North Carolina has the 1998:

4) Woodland Hills Wine Company in California has the 1996:

5) Schneider's of Capitol Hill, Washington DC has the 1985(!):

6) You are on your own as far as figuring out if shipping to your area(s)
from any of these is legal or not, can't help you there.