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You're an idiot.

Are you suggesting that al-Jazeera is a CIA spokeshole? Are you suggesting
that the President of Pakistan is a CIA spokeshole? Are you suggesting the
entire world is a CIA spokeshole?

Bin Laden has been on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List since around 1996. He

been known for years before 9/11. Today, he is hiding out either in

or Iran, either of which has hundreds of very poor villages where he can
hide and use his millions of dollars to buy the villager's silence.

I think all this "Al Qaeda doesn't exist" nonsense comes from the inability
to understand what Al Qaeda is. Bin Laden is very real, but he is not the
Dr. Evil of a global terrorist organisation, like the CIA and Bush
administration would have you think.

Bin Laden's supposed "organisation" does not have sophisticated underground
bases or laboratories, like the CIA and Bush administration used to claim,
as they painted a picture of a Bond-type villain for the public to fear.

To say that Al Qaeda doesn't exist, is a little bit like saying stupidity
doesn't exist. It does, and anybody can sign up. Al Qaeda is more a belief
than a coherent organisation. They don't have a front office or a head
quarter on the moon, and Bin Laden have absolutely no control over what
supposed Al Qaeda cells in Germany, Spain, Iran, Syria, or anywhere else are
doing. Zarqawi recently became Al Qaeda's top man in Iraq, simply by
declaring his allegiance to the cause. He has not coordinated with Bin
Laden, nor has he endured the humiliating Al Qaeda hazing/initiation rituals
most candidates have to go through to become a member :-)

Like I said, Al Qaeda is as real as stupidity is, but stupidity, as
personified by President Bunny-pants himself, might be a bigger cause for