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Default Raw tasting bread

Hi Daniel,

What book are you using? I just wanted to suggest a great book on bread
baking titled "Bread Alone" by Daniel Leader & Judith Blahnik. Daniel
Leader is an awesome baker, and this book is filled with great info
including stuff on different types of flour, explaining the different steps
in making the breads and why they are important (such as temps and stuff),
different methods, etc... It is really an excellent book. I have met a
baker who owns a bakery in my area who worked with Daniel Leader and they
studied different types of flour and things like that to find what worked
best for the breads they were making and such. Put a lot of time into their
craft. Anyway, you can find the book for a pretty decent price on
new or used. I'm on my way to my bread baking class right now, where I've
had some breads come out great, while others came out completely awful for
no apparent reason myself! Good luck!
Jenn. W.

"Daniel" wrote in message

I was hoping someone might be able to give me a few hints. I have
just recently begun trying my hand at making bread and I am not having
very good results. Actually, the finished bread looks great it just
doesn't taste good. The end result tastes like raw flower. It doesnt
have that good mild yesty baked flavor that I want. So far I have
just been baking French breads and have been using pre-ferments as my
book suggests. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.