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In article ,

This whole affair has become incredibly tiresome . . .

How do we set up a 'Dancing Weasel' newsgroup that all their postings can be
sent to ???
Initially when I began reading this group I had sympathies with one side -
then the other seemed to be more reasonable as the messages continued . .
Now it seems that they all need some quiet place to fight things out and
leave the rest of us in peace.

I know someone will suggest use of a 'Killfile', but with constantly
mutating IDs it's not the solution we all need.

Perhaps there's an on-line shrink that can help them . . . . .

****Fear not young Geoffery......Larbie has had the same ID all along (unlike
Kombat and his many sock puppets), easy enough to *killfile* me and I will be
out of your life forever............Or will I???????