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Dan Goodman
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On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 15:33:43 -0600, Rod Johnson wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:50:15 -0600, Melba's Jammin'
>>What do you know about them?
>>The one in Savage on County 42 is now open and I stopped yesterday to
>>have a look and perhaps pick up a couple items. It was an interesting

> Anyone know if there is an ALDI store on the north side of the Twin
> Cities ? I thought I had heard that one of their stores in Little
> Canada was robbed a while back. I can't find it if there is one.

Go to Click on the store locator. Type in your
address, and it will give the stores closest to where you live.

Plugging in "Little Canada" and "Minnesota" shows a store in Little Canada
at 2350 Rice Street. The web page can show you a map.

> Last summer I bought some of ALDI's Astra laundry detergent after
> reading about it on the net. I got it in Rice Lake Wi. It was
> supposed to be good stuff. When I was sawing last fall I had the cap
> on my chainsaw oiler come off and soak my pants with half a tank of
> motor oil. I treated the stain as best I could and washed it with
> what ever good liquid detergent I had on hand at the time. I ended up
> with a slightly faded stain left on the pants. I was about to
> religate them to garage wear. Then the next time I washed I got a
> chance to try out the Astra detergent and found that the rest of the
> stain was completely removed. Man, it is good stuff. I want more at
> $ 2.50 for 128 oz.

Dan Goodman
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