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>> You don't have the outside storage lot for carts in Minnisota? Here in
>> the Bay Area most of the supermarkets store carts outside, have done
>> for a number of years. All that extra room inside in which to pile
>> goodies for you to spend your money on, ya know.

> We typically have 'cart corrals' placed throughout the parking lots --
> where yu stash your cart after you've emptied. Folks mostly pick up
> their empty carts inside the store, in the entryway between the two sets
> of double doors. Where some of the specials are placed -- pop,
> typically, and lots of others, now that i think of it.

Outdoor carts with a deposit required became familiar in some places in
Canada with the advent of Superstore. Some enterprising kids quickly saw
that as an opportunity and it wasn't rare to be approached as you were
unloading the cart by a kid asking if he could return your cart to the
corral for you.

My favorite aspect of Superstore had to be the advent of green box shopping.
We bought several plastic boxes which fit into specially designed carts (6
or 7 boxes to a cart IIRC). All groceries were packed into those boxes to
take home. No more plastic bags or need to carry cloth bags.

I miss that now that we don't live near a Superstore. The only consolation
is that our local Co-op makes a donation to the local children's hospital
each time you use a cloth bag or reuse a plastic bag.