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Virginia Tadrzynski
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"George" > wrote in message
> A.C. wrote:
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> >
> > the one near my house requires that you slide a quarter into the little

> > on the cart to unlock it from the rack and you get the quarter back when

> > put the cart back in the rack.
> >

> I believe that is SOP. I actually think it is a good idea after having
> cars bashed by carts that were simply left out in the lot by
> inconsiderate people who couldn't walk the 25 feet to put the cart in
> the rack.

My FBS and a buddy used make pocket change that way. They waited out in
front of the Super Fresh and asked the people leaving if they needed help
getting the cart to the car and that they would return the buggy for getting
to keep the quarter. My kid was one who was known by just about everyone
(inherited that my my father) so his approaching them wasn't a problem.
Most would let him keep the quarter AND sometimes give him a couple more for
helping them take the groceries out to the car. That was a good ten years
ago, but he is still proud that he was 'earning' $8-10 a day.