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Rhonda Anderson
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Melba's Jammin' > wrote in

> What do you know about them?
> The one in Savage on County 42 is now open and I stopped yesterday to
> have a look and perhaps pick up a couple items. It was an interesting
> experience.

There is one in Penrith. Obviously the products available here would be
different to the products on sale in your local Aldi. However, in terms
of general reputation of the store - I know a number of people who shop
there, and have not heard anything bad. They say they save quite a bit
of money,and I haven't heard any complaints about the quality of the
products.I haven't shopped there myself. While I'd love to save some
money it's a bit awkward for me. Since they do just stock their own
brands, and there's a limited choice of some items, I would be unlikely
to be able to get everything there that I want to purchase. It's located
at the other end of Penrith from the main shopping centre (which has 2
supermarkets, seafood shop, couple of butchers, chicken shop,
greengrocers, bakers etc). For someone with a car that's not really a
problem, but we don't have one so it's a lot easier for me to try and do
the shopping in one place. It's not near the station either, which the
shopping centre is, so I can duck over to Woolworths supermarket after
work and pick up a few things if needed before going back to the station
to catch the bus home.

> The next thing I noticed was that the ground meat in the fresh cooler
> looked fresh -- sorry I don't remember the prices.

Obviously it's not going to be the same meat as over here, but I have
heard good reports on the beef mince (ground beef) at Aldi's here - good
quality and good prices.
> Then there was the strange little section that looked like it could
> have been Sam's Club -- there was a lounge chair (in a box) for sale,
> along with some other non-food stuff. Seemed very out of place.

Yep, the one here has this sort of thing on sale - I've seen ads for
electrical equipment etc.

The other thing I noticed was that that shopping
> cart outside could be procured for use for 25 cents - but you get your
> quarter back when you check out. Cool. They do it to keep carts out
> of the parking lot, I guess.

I've seen this set up at some supermarkets over here. The trolleys are
chained together, and you put a coin (it's usually a $1 coin here, I
think) in the slot to release the trolley. It stays stuck in that slot
while you're shopping.When you've finished with it, and click the chain
back in, the coin is released.

Rhonda Anderson
Cranebrook, NSW, Australia