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"A.C." > wrote in message
> Kate Connally wrote:
> > I don't recall getting a quarter when checking out. Or is that
> > when you put the cart back in the cart stand that you get your
> > quarter back? I wouldn't know as I gave mine to someone else
> > so I didn't actually put it back in the stand. And I certainly
> > didn't get a quarter back at the cash register.

> the one near my house requires that you slide a quarter into the little

> on the cart to unlock it from the rack and you get the quarter back when

> put the cart back in the rack.

Hate that! The interesting thing is that the one store here with that
system dispenses the gigantic plastic children-movers without the need for a
quarter. It isn't unusual to see some 20 something guy without any kids
pushing one of these monstrosities.