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"Melba's Jammin'" > wrote in message
> What do you know about them?
> The one in Savage on County 42 is now open and I stopped yesterday to
> have a look and perhaps pick up a couple items. It was an interesting
> experience.

One opened by me about two years ago. I am under-whelmed. There is a very
poor selection of basic food. I don't buy much packaged food. When I shop,
I often just hit the periphery of the store getting produce, meat, and
dairy. Aldi is very weak on all these categories. What produce they do
sell seems to be bundled - six tomatoes, a bag of pepper, a bag of apples,
etc. I like to buy a smaller amount of produce on a frequent basis. They
don't sell any fresh meat at our store. Dairy is limited to gallon jugs of
milk, some cottage cheese, and processed cheese products.

The other thing I don't like is that the store seems claustrophobic. Our
store is about the size of a convenience store with much of the merchandise
simply stacked to make isles. Unfortunately, the store seems to attract a
very old demographic. I have nothing against the elderly, but when you get
a tiny store full of people with limited mobility, limited eyesight, and
infinite time you might as well resign yourself to shopping at the same pace
the lines move at Disney World in mid August! Since it is nearly impossible
to pass someone, you end up shopping at the same pace as the slowest person
in the store.

I have a choice of two mega-markets and two large groceries stores almost
within walking distance of the Aldi store. I can do as well price wise at
Meijer and don't have to by mystery brands. I'm sort of surprised that the
store is still open as they have very limited hours, limited service,
limited selection, and the prices are just so-so.