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Marge writes:

I wanted to send my dad, who lives on the west coast of the US, some
baked goods for the holiday. I'm thinking sweet breads (as in pumpkin
bread) and cookies. Any good tips on wrapping, packaging to keep them
whole and fresh?

Breads travel well. Bar cookies travel well. If the cookies are sturdy, those
new fancy ziplock bags and plastic containers are good for packing and
sending goodies. I also save the styrofoam peanuts from various mail order
purchases I make during the year to protect my goodies. If you have an air
popper, you could use stale plain popcorn to pack with.

Sometimes I use cupcake papers and candy cups to cradle cookies and provide
some cushion between stacks and layers. Basically, though, it's all about
what you decide to bake and send- avoid obviously delicate cookies and stick
with breads, hearty cookies, bar cookies, etc. If he has a favorite cookie
you just gotta send, use the cupcake wrappers. The mail order people
*Currents* have some cute goodie wrapping stuff (they don't seem to have a
website). Most kitchen supply stores sell specialty candy and cupcake wrappers
as well.

Have fun!