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Philip Weiss
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Diluting the soap in the container with some water makes it much easier to

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I am thinking of purchasing the following soap dispenser that uses the
Never-MT conversion kit. I found it in the archives of this news
group. Looks pretty cool.

I am interested in comments from any owners that have purchased this
system and had time to use it. Not too keen on paying 35 bucks for a
soap dispenser. However if it is well made and works without clogging,
heck why not.

I bought one and have used it for about a year. I get the gallon size
detergent from Costco and only have had to change it once. The system
fine and has never clogged. The only down side is that the pump has a lot
more resistance since it is lifting the liquid from the bottom of the sink
cabinet instead of from the reservoir of the dispenser. Therefore, the
doesn't return instantly to the ready position and it takes a couple of
seconds before you can get another dose of detergent. I think I will see
I can take the pump apart and replace the spring with a stronger one.
the diameter of the tubing will not fit on every pump. I needed to
my pump because the finish was flaking off. The first replacement I
didn't work with the kit, the tube was too small in diameter. I found
another one (very cheap) at Home Depot that worked but as I mentioned, the
spring needs to be stronger to allow for a rapid sequence of pulses.