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On 6/15/2021 3:11 AM, dsi1 wrote:
> On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 6:40:50 PM UTC-10, Michael Trew wrote:
>> On 6/14/2021 3:45 PM, cshenk wrote:
>>> Michael Trew wrote:
>>>> On 6/13/2021 1:26 PM, John Kuthe wrote:
>>>>> On Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 11:29:00 PM UTC-5, Michael Trew wrote:
>>>>>> I'm not sure what recently compelled me to make a double recipe
>>>>>> of toll house cookies, but it somehow came out to be about 9
>>>>>> dozen cookies. In a house without A/C on a near 90 degree day,
>>>>>> that wasn't my smartest idea.
>>>>>> I decided to turn off the the pilot lights on my stove to save on
>>>>>> heat in the kitchen, and supper was just a cold chipped chopped
>>>>>> ham and provolone sandwich. The humidity has my fridge
>>>>>> desperately needing defrosted as well. I suppose it's all better
>>>>>> than snow, however.
>>>>> I turn of my stove's pilot light permanently! I went all ELECTRIC!
>>>>> And I have my gas company come and pull their gas meter from my
>>>>> house!
>>>>> John Kuthe, RN, BSN...
>>>> Natural gas is dirt cheap around here, I'll keep my stove. I don't
>>>> care about the oven, other than the cost, but I hate cooking on an
>>>> electric stove top.
>>> Same here but it's all in what you are used to. Gas is far more
>>> flexible than electric or induction.

>> I'd never want induction. If my cast iron pans don't work, it's a
>> useless stove to me.

> Cast iron works great with induction. My guess is that an induction range works faster than gas because you're not heating the pan by conduction. The pan actually acts as a heating element. These days there's no need to use cast iron. Carbon steel pans are lighter and bear a cooking surface uncannily similar to cast iron.

I like my cast iron pans.

I head that they did not work with induction, but to be fair, I can't
say that I've ever tested it. There was a pan that did not work with
induction stoves at all. Was it aluminum? Maybe just my old enamel
pots (which I do still use)?

Cast iron and any glass top stove are not a good combination. I
wouldn't want a glass top stove; far too easy to scratch with any pan or
while cleaning.