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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

Sheldon Martin wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jun 2021 12:39:32 -0500, "cshenk"
> > wrote:
>> dsi1 wrote:
>>> On Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 9:55:04 AM UTC-10, cshenk wrote:
>>>> Gary wrote:
>>>>> On 6/12/2021 7:22 PM, cshenk wrote:
>>>>>> Sqwertz wrote:
>>>>>>> Is this just an Austin, Texas phenomenon, or do a lot of
>>>>>>> people in other states take their obviously non-service dogs
>>>>>>> into grocery stores too?
>>>>>>> Some dogs sit in carts or the baby seats, some get blankets
>>>>>>> to make them comfy, some are being clutched to chests, some
>>>>>>> peek out of purses, and even others are on 8-14 foot leashes
>>>>>>> - sometimes 2 or 3 wide at a time in the aisles so nobody can
>>>>>>> get past them. And any number of them can be barking,
>>>>>>> yapping, or growling at other customers or dogs at any given
>>>>>>> time.
>>>>>>> Is this just as common in others cities and states? Do you or
>>>>>>> somebody you know take your non-service dog into a grocery
>>>>>>> store? Why?
>>>>>>> -sw
>>>>>> Never seen it here. Our folks are a bit more saavy on such and
>>>>>> do not allow them in. Randomly though you do hear of emotional
>>>>>> support animals causing problems at the beach. Gary may know if
>>>>>> it's common.
>>>>> I did see a "service dog" in my beach Harris Teeter grocery store
>>>>> about 6 months ago. I talked with the woman for a few minutes
>>>>> too. Nice lady, nice little furry (fur over eyes) white dog.
>>>>> Note: it wasn't some official service dog. That's what she was
>>>>> calling it. lol
>>>>> I had no problem with the dog in the store but others might have.
>>>>> I have my reservations about all this support/service animal crap
>>>>> though. It's just continuing liberal nonsense that we should
>>>>> accept any weirdo as "normal."
>>>>> IMO, if you can't even go to a store without your pet by your
>>>>> side, stay home and order everything to be delivered. Even
>>>>> better...let your pet order the food while you sit nearby in a
>>>>> chair softly crying over daily stress.
>>>> LOL, ok that's 2 at Harris Teeters (your's by the beach) but your's
>>>> is a lady and mine is a guy also named Gary with a bonified Service
>>>> guide dog. I'm with it on the actual service animal.
>>>> The 'support animals' are pretty much bogus due to a lot of abuse
>>>> of the system.
>>> I don't mind dogs, they should go wherever they want. Cats OTOH, I
>>> don't care for them much. OTOH, Taiyo helped me catch a large
>>> centipede this morning. He spotted it and I put it in a bucket. I
>>> threw that critter onto the parking lot, in the midst of some
>>> chicken. One chicken grabbed it and went all over the lot keeping it
>>> away from the other chickens. God, I love chickens and dogs.

>> LOL! That would have been fun to watch!

> Since childhood I've seen many seeing eye dogs, people with a white
> cane and a harnessed dog, typically a large dog. Normal people know
> to give them wide birth. Growing up in NY City there were lots of
> seeing eye dogs, in streets, stores, public transportation,
> everywhere. Even here in the boonies there are lots of seeing eye
> dogs and other service dogs.
> I see service dogs every time I go into town. They are low key and
> never bothersome, they are well trained and know their job.
> Everyone be very thankful that you don't need a service dog. I've
> learned that there's really no difference between a service dog and a
> farm dog that sees to the herd. I've seen a small sheltie round up 50
> black angus and move them field to field to feed. It's really quite
> amazing to see these dogs do their job.

Popeye, did those dogs have enormous titties?