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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

Gary wrote:

> Sheldon Martin wrote:
> > I see seeing eye dogs at the markets in town all the time.

> Best joke of the day.
> Your rural area must be a haven for the blind.
> The best blind haven in the universe.
> In my entire lifetime I've only seen blind with dogs or with a white
> cane tapping around on TV. Not once in real life. Perhaps they all
> sleep late and get out later in the day (after my time).

There's a fellow named Gary (not related to ours here). Gary likes
Harris Teeters about the same time I shop so we encounter one another

I've heard him tell his guide dog to take him to the butcher counter.
The dog goes there and barks once, pauses, then barks again and sits.
They come and tell him the specials (sales) and he gets his selections.
He comes with a paid assistant who helps get the rest of it all then
takes them back home.

He's the only one I've met in person with a guide dog for the blind.
Dunno his dog's name but he's a typical german shepard. Nice fellow,
probably state/federal aide for the shopper with him.