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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

On 2021-06-12 10:25 a.m., jmcquown wrote:
> On 6/12/2021 8:35 AM, Dave Smith wrote:

> Of course you shouldn't leave a dog in the car, especially not if it's
> the middle of summer and hot outside, even with the windows partly open.
> *I know most dogs love to take a ride in the car but I'd never have
> taken my dog (yes, I had one a long time ago - a little mutt who lived
> to be 19 years old) with me when I was going shopping for anything.

I have no issues with taking a dog in the car..... in appropriate
weather conditions. I would never leave my dog in a car with the
windows open all the way for fear they might escape, and I would not
leave them in a hot car with the windows, and not with the windows up
on a sunny summer day. I don't see a problem if it is in the 60s and a
window can be left part way open.

There have been cases around here where self righteous dicks have
freaked out and broken car windows to "rescue" dogs that were in no need
of rescue. In once case, it was about 65 degrees, the windows were open
half way and the owner was only in the store for 10 minutes.

In Toronto a few years back someone left a large dog in the car and was
checking on it regularly. Some twit came along and smashed the window
open and called animal control. The guy came out to his car and the
animal control officer slapped him in cuffs, cuffed him to his car and
then took off to take the dog to a vet, leaving the owner behind. The
the self righteous complainers beat him up. As it turned out, the dog
was fine. The animal control officer ended up in hot water. You can't
cuff someone and leave them.