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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

On Sat, 12 Jun 2021 10:25:16 -0400, jmcquown >

>On 6/12/2021 8:35 AM, Dave Smith wrote:
>> On 2021-06-12 4:40 a.m., Cindy Hamilton wrote:
>>> On Friday, June 11, 2021 at 6:31:08 PM UTC-4, Sqwertz wrote:

>>> I can't recall the last time I saw a dog of any sort in any store.* A
>>> local...
>>> garden supply, I guess, has a cat.* Since it used to be "Hertler's
>>> Feed Store",
>>> the tradition may have started by the Hertlers keeping a mouser.* Now
>>> it's all yuppified (can we still call it "yuppies" when we've all got
>>> gray
>>> hair?), but they still have a cat.
>>> OTOH, perhaps the people who grocery-shop at 6 or 7 am just aren't
>>> the sort to bring their purse dog.* Their appearance suggests they're
>>> more
>>> likely to leave their rottweiler at home to guard their trailer.

>> There are a number of non grocery stores around here that are pet
>> friendly. One hardware store has a sign saying that they would rather
>> you bring your dog into the store than to leave it in the car.

>Of course you shouldn't leave a dog in the car, especially not if it's
>the middle of summer and hot outside, even with the windows partly open.
> I know most dogs love to take a ride in the car but I'd never have
>taken my dog (yes, I had one a long time ago - a little mutt who lived
>to be 19 years old) with me when I was going shopping for anything.

I often see dogs tied up outside the grocery store waiting for their
human. They are always quiet and no one pays them any attention.
I am hopeful that this summer we don't have multiple deaths of
children left in cars. How could a person go on living knowing they
left their child to die like that?
Janet US