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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

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> Is this just an Austin, Texas phenomenon, or do a lot of people in
> other states take their obviously non-service dogs into grocery
> stores too?
> Some dogs sit in carts or the baby seats, some get blankets to make
> them comfy, some are being clutched to chests, some peek out of
> purses, and even others are on 8-14 foot leashes - sometimes 2 or 3
> wide at a time in the aisles so nobody can get past them. And any
> number of them can be barking, yapping, or growling at other
> customers or dogs at any given time.
> Is this just as common in others cities and states? Do you or
> somebody you know take your non-service dog into a grocery store?
> Why?
> -sw

Blimey; No! total ban here in UK. Service dogs are permitted but I
can't even remember the last time I saw one inside a shop selling food.

Petsmart (a chain selling everything to do with pets ) does permit
dogs, in fact, it actively encourages them and our dog loved going
there. His favourite aisle was the loose "bag your own biscuits",
guaranteed some customers would have dropped a good selection on the
floor and it was his duty to clean them up and keep the place tidy. Next
he liked to visit the rabbit and guinea pigs for sale; they live in
sizeable pens at floor level and he always hoped I'd buy him a rabbit.
At the till, the till person would give him a treat for bringing us.

Janet UK