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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

Dave Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jun 2021 19:11:29 -0400, Dave Smith
> > wrote:
>> It was happening here for a while but I haven't seen it much lately.
>> Maybe it is the pandemic and the whackos with phony service dogs have
>> locked themselves down.
>> We had an incident at our art festival a couple years ago. I was working
>> the wine bar when I saw two young boys walking a dog. Actually, the dog
>> was walking them. It had a harness and Serve Dog patch on it. It was on
>> a long, long lead and out of control and I immediately realized it was
>> no service dog. It turned out to be the "service dog" of the younger
>> brother of a young artist. The kid was autaustic or something.We had a
>> serious complaint from another artist who claimed to be violently
>> allergic to dogs. We adopted a policy that we would admit only certified
>> service dogs.
>> Even that can be an issue because there are outfits online who sell
>> certificates. There is always a sale on, so for $149.95 you can get the
>> whole deal, the leash, harness, Service Dog patch, and a certificate
>> that you can fill in for yourself.
>> Apparently the province of British Columbia has passed a law dealing
>> with service animals. They have to be trained for a specific task and
>> then certified by the authourities. There is a hefty fine for trying to
>> pass off a service animal as being certified if it is not. I heard
>> recently that airlines have taken action to deny a lot of "service animals"

> Dave can never handle when someone has an advantage or a benefit that
> he doesn't have. It awakens the green-eyed monster in him.

Is that the only reason you vigorously sniff his ass?