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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

On Friday, June 11, 2021 at 5:31:08 PM UTC-5, Sqwertz wrote:
> Is this just an Austin, Texas phenomenon, or do a lot of people in
> other states take their obviously non-service dogs into grocery
> stores too?
> Some dogs sit in carts or the baby seats, some get blankets to make
> them comfy, some are being clutched to chests, some peek out of
> purses, and even others are on 8-14 foot leashes - sometimes 2 or 3
> wide at a time in the aisles so nobody can get past them. And any
> number of them can be barking, yapping, or growling at other
> customers or dogs at any given time.
> Is this just as common in others cities and states? Do you or
> somebody you know take your non-service dog into a grocery store?
> Why?

A former tenant is getting sued because a dog she had there bit a guy,
and they are suing us too. The complainant doesn't have a leg to stand
on as far as holding us liable, but the person is just throwing spaghetti
at every wall, hoping that someone won't show up in court. If dogs
ceased to exist, I wouldn't miss them.
> -sw