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Default OT: Your favorite self-carbonated drink mix

Michael Trew wrote:

John Doe wrote:

I'm about through with a third 60 L CO2 canister.

Have tried a few different drink mixes.

So far, Crystal Lite Fruit Punch is the winner, hands down. Surprising
what they can do with artificial flavor... Obviously the aspartame
helps (if you like aspartame). It was good to begin with, now it's
marvelous. Probably helps to get the mixture right.

Any suggestion in that taste category? Thanks.

I really ought to dig my carbonator thing back out. I used it a few
times years ago and put it away. Personal preference, but I can't
tolerate any kind of fake sugar. Aspartame, sucralose, whatever --
yuck. The aftertaste is horrid. I'll sooner drink warm tap water.

Sugar is a heavy thick syrupy waste of space, besides being fattening and
promoting tooth decay. I did not like the aftertaste of saccharin, but no
such thing with aspartame. Aspartame is light and sweet, no aftertaste
whatsoever. That's why aspartame is extremely popular nowadays.