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Default Chili sans-carne

On Tue, 08 Jun 2021 06:46:54 +1000, Dave Smith >

>On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 12:20:25 -0700 (PDT), Cindy Hamilton
> wrote:
>>It seems imprecise to refer to the other two simply as "chilli powder". There are
>>so many varieties of chile with varying tastes and levels of capsaicin. How
>>does one know which one to buy? Trial and error?
>>Some of my spices are packed away during my kitchen remodel, but I think
>>I have coarsely ground cayenne, ground cayenne, and ground chipotle.
>>Coarsely ground Aleppo pepper in the freezer, because it's somewhat moist
>>and tends to mold. Whole anchos, pasillas, tien-tsin, and chipotle. A few kinds
>>of pickled chiles: jalapenos, cherry peppers, pepperoncini. More condiments
>>with chiles in them such as gochujang (gochugaru chiles), jalapeno salsa,
>>chile-garlic paste (variety unknown), chile oil (cayenne), roasted Thai chile paste,
>>curry pastes, Tabasco sauce, Sriracha, etc.
>>I'm not even that big of a chile-head. I feel that's a relatively basic assortment
>>that gives me a variety of flavors and heat.

>I think that from an Asian/Indonesian perspective, there are 2 main
>chillies: long red/green (cabe merah) and short red (cabe rawit, Thai,
>Sambal/chilli paste is mainly made from the long red chillis and
>chilli powder probably too. There's not enough Mexican influence in
>Europe or Australia to specify further. Although I've seen and grown
>habanero and Madame Jeanette types too.

Ask them, theyre here. "You can stop saying that now. Thank you."
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