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Default Chili sans-carne

On Mon, 7 Jun 2021 12:20:25 -0700 (PDT), Cindy Hamilton
> wrote:

>It seems imprecise to refer to the other two simply as "chilli powder". There are
>so many varieties of chile with varying tastes and levels of capsaicin. How
>does one know which one to buy? Trial and error?
>Some of my spices are packed away during my kitchen remodel, but I think
>I have coarsely ground cayenne, ground cayenne, and ground chipotle.
>Coarsely ground Aleppo pepper in the freezer, because it's somewhat moist
>and tends to mold. Whole anchos, pasillas, tien-tsin, and chipotle. A few kinds
>of pickled chiles: jalapenos, cherry peppers, pepperoncini. More condiments
>with chiles in them such as gochujang (gochugaru chiles), jalapeno salsa,
>chile-garlic paste (variety unknown), chile oil (cayenne), roasted Thai chile paste,
>curry pastes, Tabasco sauce, Sriracha, etc.
>I'm not even that big of a chile-head. I feel that's a relatively basic assortment
>that gives me a variety of flavors and heat.

I think that from an Asian/Indonesian perspective, there are 2 main
chillies: long red/green (cabe merah) and short red (cabe rawit, Thai,


Sambal/chilli paste is mainly made from the long red chillis and
chilli powder probably too. There's not enough Mexican influence in
Europe or Australia to specify further. Although I've seen and grown
habanero and Madame Jeanette types too.

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