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Default Bean Soup (WAS: Chili sans-carne)

On 7 Jun 2021 04:35:15 GMT, Leonard Blaisdell
> wrote:

>On 2021-06-07, Michael Trew > wrote:
>> That sounds good! I made the chili without meat for a vegetarian friend
>> visiting, but it got me to wondering if I can just save money on the
>> meat in the future. Personally, I think meat 2-3 meals per day is too
>> much, and I'd like to cut back some. I'm not opposed to a meat broth,
>> so as long as it isn't out of a bottle from the store.

>Around here, all red chili requires chile powder and powdered cumin.
>Those two ingredients make "anything" taste like chili.

I didn't think you'd eat anything red.

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