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Default TN: Mem Day weekend- France, Germany, USA, Italy

On 2021-06-02 10:53 a.m., wrote:
Lamb kebabs Friday with the 2004 Ch. dIssan. Black cherry, plum, coffee. Rather plush low acid texture, moderate tannin, decent length. Still seems like oak needs to integrate. Have a couple more that Ill hold and hope. B

The pundits would have it that 2004s are well into their drinking
window. However, all that I have drunk so far have been a
disappointment. They seem to be "shut down". So I have put a couple of
bottles in the dining room (Pontet Canet and Grand Puy Lacoste) to see
if room temperature can bring them on. It certainly seems to have worked
when friends served a bottle of Ch. Lagrange that I had given them
sometime before that they had stored at close to room temperature.