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Default Biden shoots back at Russia

On 4/17/2021 5:18 PM, Dr. Bruce wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
>> On 2021-04-17 4:15 p.m., Pamela wrote:
>>> On 05:15 16 Apr 2021, Pamela said:

>>>> Biden is a creep. Just accept it. Or take another big injection of
>>>> brainwashing from CNN and it might go away.
>>> Trump is the creep, not Biden. Remember how Trump leered at his
>>> daughter in a tv interview and said he would date her. Yuck.

>> There was also is recorded comments about how he could grab women by
>> the pussy. In a normal country that comment alone would have knocked
>> him out of the race.

> American women liked it for the same reason they like Sheldon. They
> secretly like their men sexist and perverted. Maybe it reminds them of
> that dirty uncle they had such fun with.

You should watch the movie, "Dirty Grampa" starring Robert De Niro
It's very funny and does send a message.