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Default Biden shoots back at Russia

On 22:12 16 Apr 2021, Hank Rogers said:

> Pamela wrote:
>> On 00:38 16 Apr 2021, Dr. Bruce said:
>>> Lucretia Borgia wrote:
>>>> Well done, a president who calls Russia on its interference in US
>>>> affairs. I see UK is in accord, hope Canada follows.
>>> It helps that the Russians don't have any footage of this
>>> president being peed on by Russian prostitutes.

>> Putting aside the "kompromat" material and how the Russians fixed
>> his 2016 election, Trump's character is too weak to take on Putin.
>> Every time Trump went near a dictator, he developed Stockholm
>> Syndrome and sided with America's enemies.

> Nope, trump actually sought out dictators to kiss their asses. He
> wasn't an unwilling captive.
> He wanted to be just like them. Dictators were his heroes and role
> models.

You're right, it wasn't exactly Stockholm Syndrome. Trump seemed
desperate to be in the tough boys club.

Also, it's easier to arrange kickbacks with dictators than democrats
and Trump loves dirty money.