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Default Biden shoots back at Russia

Pamela wrote:
> On 00:38 16 Apr 2021, Dr. Bruce said:
>> Lucretia Borgia wrote:
>>> Well done, a president who calls Russia on its interference in US
>>> affairs. I see UK is in accord, hope Canada follows.

>> It helps that the Russians don't have any footage of this
>> president being peed on by Russian prostitutes.

> Putting aside the "kompromat" material and how the Russians fixed
> his 2016 election, Trump's character is too weak to take on Putin.
> Every time Trump went near a dictator, he developed Stockholm
> Syndrome and sided with America's enemies.

Nope, trump actually sought out dictators to kiss their asses. He
wasn't an unwilling captive.

He wanted to be just like them. Dictators were his heroes and role