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Default Nearly every single Army National Guard Soldier turns their backs to Joe Biden as he drives past.

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 21:23:53 -0500, Boron Elgar
> wrote:

>On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 17:21:22 -0800, Leo >
>>The point, which you missed, was a hundred-million dead under various Marxist

>Nope. Not Marxist philosophies at all. Dictatorships who liked to use
>the term, even though it did not apply. Kinda like the dumb****s who
>go around calling the Nazis socialists.
>>I never heard of Bovard until I quick googled for dead people
>>under Marxism and settled on the link. Do you deny the count? Should I

>I deny the claim. No need to verify a number of a false statement, eh?
>>The "delightful philosophy" of Marx assumes equality of birth, intelligence
>>and ambition, much like worker bees or ants. None of that is true for a
>>single human being ever born.

>Nor is that claimed by Marx.
>>Marxism, in any form, will never be done right.
>>Individuals simply donĀ“t work that way.

>It ain't been tried.
>Since you seem to know dick-squat about any of this, why do you keep

I think "Marxist" is a new buzz word for the right. Everything they
don't like is now "Marxist". They don't understand the word, but
repeat it anyway. Leo is the second person in RFC to throw that word
around. I wonder where this started.