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Default Nearly every single Army National Guard Soldier turns their backs to Joe Biden as he drives past.

On 2021 Jan 25, , Boron Elgar wrote
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> Bovard is hardly a neutral source, which you should comprehend before
> recommending him, and with a tiny bit of reading yourself, maybe 10
> minutes' worth, you'd know that Marxism and Communism, as political
> philosophies, are rather delightful, but when used as title only for
> populist, despotic or dictatorial regimes with wholly differing
> practices, millions get killed.

The point, which you missed, was a hundred-million dead under various Marxist
philosophies. I never heard of Bovard until I quick googled for dead people
under Marxism and settled on the link. Do you deny the count? Should I
The "delightful philosophy" of Marx assumes equality of birth, intelligence
and ambition, much like worker bees or ants. None of that is true for a
single human being ever born.Marxism, in any form, will never be done right.
Individuals simply donīt work that way.