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Default Leftovers from making jelly?

On Monday, July 6, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, lew matt wrote:
It works the other way around too. You can make jelly or jam out of
leftover seedless pulp from which you made wine. I use the golden rasins
from my apple cider wine to make an apple-rasin jam. Yummy!
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Kimberly R Smith wrote in article
This sounds like a good idea. Would you (or anyone else) mind posting
some recipes?


D. Landrum wrote:

I used some strawberry and blackberry pulp to make wine last year and

turned out a very light tasting wine. I was pleased with the results.


D. Landrum
J Wilson wrote in message
Any ideas on what to do with the 'pulp' that is left over after you

the juice out for jelly?

I actually use the pulp when I make my grape jam; not jelly. First, a crush the grapes and cook them down as you would for extracting the grape juice for jelly, then I run what is left; the grape, including the seeds through a food mill. It's the same one that I use to make my tomato sauce.
I prefer the jam over jelly. It's opaque and has a nice texture and is more nutritious. It also contains more fiber. The best part is you will get double the amount for preserving; more jars can be filled. Also, you will only need to use the low-sugar pectin because you are extracting more sugar content.