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Vox Humana
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Default Dulce De Leche recipe and storage

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Vox Humana wrote:

The easy way to make Dulce De Leche is to put an unopened can of

condensed milk into a small pan. Add water to bring it to about 3/4

up the can.

That's an easy way to make an explosion.

Add water to completely cover the can AT ALL TIMES by at least 2". Do
not answer the phone while this is going on. Do not answer the door.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Making this is safe, but it does need to be watched, do not allow the
can to 'surface' in the water at any time.


Why does covering the can make it safer?

Water under normal pressure conditions will not exceed 212 degrees (the
boiling point). The water prevents the contents from getting too hot and
exploding the can.


I understand that part. I just question why Brian claims that the can has
to be completely submerged.