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_.-In, Lynn Gifford wrote the following -._
Aside from your spelling-which is atrohshus -

I say it sucks. Mostly because I can't spell that word you used.

Cheese Whiz works well. If that seems like an anathma to you
Kraft packages a cheese called Four Cheese melt - or something like
If you dredge the shredded cheese in a couple of
tablespoons of flour, it will thicken the soup nicely.

I have used that with other things. Sounds like an idea.

I have NEVER seen sour cream in Beer Cheese soup!

There is a provision in NAFTA that says you must have sour cream in
anything that also has jalapenos. It was a consesion offerd because
we wanted the ablity to open another Taco Bell in Mexico city after
the one that opend in 1992 got shut down for poluting the culture of
Mexico. Not bad when you concider that to get permission to open 600
Starbucks in France we have to start calling them French Fries again.

Remember folks that free trade isn't free.
/rant /jokes

"Greater than the Sum of It's Parts" Soup
One can cream of chicken soup
One (soup) can beer or milk
One can chunk chicken breast

I assume that those are all Campbells condensed soup sized cans you
are talking about. Right?[0]

The above isn't what I am looking for but I will try it out since I am
looking for more soup recipes as we get closer to winter.

[0] did the cans get smaller or did the serving size?

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