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Default On how grocery stores are doing, in the U.S.

Gary wrote:
> Even though restaurants are closed to dining in, many people
> continue to order take out food. Sure, it's nice to try
> to keep them going but at the same time, WHO knows the
> health conditions of the workers inside making that food.
> Many workers will come to work sick just to not lose a day's pay.
> I'll continue to cook at home even though a McDonald's
> cheeseburger is sounding pretty tasty right now. heh

the burgers i make at home are much better. why
wouldn't you make a burger for yourself?

i can't remember the last time i had a McD's
cheeseburger, but it was some years ago. in
between then and now i've had a few burgers from
other places but can pass on all but a few of them
as places i'd rather go. there is a semi-local bar
that does a good job so we get one from them once
in a while.

simple ingredients and simple methods.

i like ground chuck for burgers. make a pretty
big patty (8-12oz) about an inch thick. warm up
the cast iron pan, put a bit of butter on it as it
is warming. i use one notch below medium on my
stove and the large burner.

sprinkle some garlic salt on one side and put it
on the pan to fry. when it starts sputtering i put
the garlic salt on the other side and turn it over.

depending upon the quality of the butcher i adjust
how done i want it. if i've had a good history with
them before i can let it cook until most of the pink
is gone inside and it is still juicy. i put the
cheese on to melt the last minute and turn off the

since i don't eat beef that often i enjoy this
eaten just as it is without condiments. cheese,
garlic salt and beef. about every month or two
is enough to fit my cravings.