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Default On how grocery stores are doing, in the U.S.

On Sun, 19 Apr 2020 14:36:37 -0500, Sqwertz >

>On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 16:59:37 -0400, Sheldon Martin wrote:
>> On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 15:47:31 -0400, Ed Pawlowski > wrote:
>>>On 4/18/2020 3:14 PM, wrote:
>>>> More on NYC:
>>>I imagine there are more changes to come in the next year. People
>>>change habits and adapt to a new reality, whatever that may be.
>>>How many will continue to cook instead of heading back to the
>>>restaurants? Not a good time to be in any retail or food business.

>> I predict that most intelligent people will be cooking at home... even
>> if opening cans... that's the best way to have control of how clean
>> one eats... I think restaurnats are and have always been the
>> filthiest. Eating out is the very best way to contract a life
>> threatening disease... the vast majority of restaurant food is not
>> properly handled/prepared... most is too dangerous to be sent to land
>> fills.

>Sheldon's Favorite Chinese Restaurant, the Gold Coin:
>Inspected on 10/24/2016. Wiping cloths dirty, not stored properly in
>sanitizing solutions. Improper use and storage of clean, sanitized
>equipment and utensils.
>Inspected on 5/19/2017. Food not protected during storage,
>preparation, display, transportation and service, from potential
>sources of contamination (e.g., food uncovered, mislabeled, stored
>on floor, missing or inadequate sneeze guards, food containers
>double stacked). Handwashing facilities inaccessible, improperly
>located, dirty, in disrepair, improper fixtures, soap, and single
>service towels or hand drying devices missing. Potentially hazardous
>foods are not kept at or below 45F during cold holding, except
>smoked fish not kept at or below 38F during cold holding. In use
>food dispensing utensils improperly stored. Accurate thermometers
>not available or used to evaluate refrigerated or heated storage
>temperatures. Wiping cloths dirty, not stored properly in sanitizing

You still feeling ok, Sheldon? Not queasy or anything?