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anna maria
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Default REQ: Panforte (Italian fruitcake) and other Italian Holiday goodies

La Vida Xena wrote:

I can't find my panforte recipe! Until the last couple years I made panforte
every year for Christmas. This year I want to make some of my old Italian
favorites, but I can't find my Italian baking book with the notes in the
margins. :-(
I'm a little shy about breaking in a new recipe for a traditional Holiday
goodie. I hope that someone here makes panforte and has a favorite recipe to
share with me. Tried and true recipes for other Italian holiday goodies would
also be appreciated, pretty please!

there is an excellent recipe on the book by nick malgieri "great italian
desserts". is an excellent book very worth having. i am sorry i don't
have time to copy the recipe now, maybe in a couple of days if you can
wait. i think malgieri is the best baker. all his books are excellent.

ciao, anna maria