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Default HyFyber Soup Tomato Flavour From NutraSphere

Its possible to live a completely healthy and normal life with diabetes through an active lifestyle and a good diet. And weve got you covered. All NutraSphere products are designed for diabetics, to be the ideal sources of fibre, protein and help in fat burning or weight maintenance.

Take one step closer towards a healthy life with Hyfyber soup from Nutrasphere. It is not only low fat soup but also contains natural fibres from wheat & gaur gam with absolutely no trans fats. Fibre soup is excellent for diabetic people as it is formulated with ingredients that regulate sugar absorption, balance cholesterol level & help to gain the strength & energy.

Dietary Fibres in HyFyber Soup are scientifically proven to control blood sugar levels, while also expelling cholesterol and triglycerides from the body! High in Protein and Low in Fat, HyFyber Tomato Soup is an ideal supplement for Diabetics AND Weight Watchers - and its taste will leave you licking the bowl clean!