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Default Is this a viable SD starter?

On 2019-04-16 7:23 a.m., notbob wrote:
I have been feeding an organic (apples in water) starter fer a week.* At
8K ft elevation, I put it in the fridge at night and let it warm during
the day (in a sealed 5L plastic container).

It has all the bubbles of a viable starter.* Nothing but KA bread flour
+ water + a little high gluten flour (no yeast).

I mistakenly left it out, last night, and it has plenty o' bubbles, this
morning, and and a good "web" structure.* It had some dark liquid on the
surface.* I mixed in the dark liquid and skimmed the hard crust off the

Now what?


Take a couple of Tbsps of the starter (discarding the rest) and feed it
with flour and water. Do this several times. DON'T put it in the fridge
until you have a good, powerful starter and need to store it.
BTW, if there ever is liquid on the surface, pour it off! It contains
alcohol as a by-product of fermentation and will only inhibit bug
I keep mine in a mason jar and when I feed it, I put an rubber band on
the jar to mark the level. I can then see how the starter is working.
When it doubles in volume in 3-4 hours in a warm place, you have a good,
strong culture.
Just my 10c worth:-)