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"Anders TÝrneskog" wrote in message

"pavane" skrev i melding

.... As Dale noted, the spirits don't deteriorate so
there might be some value there, and some things (a 50 year old
Cognac bottling, perhaps) might just be very interesting.

Fwiw, I think I've heard that a 3-star cognac of 50-70 years ago was the
equivalent of a V.S.O.P. or even a Napoleon today.
Marketing, of course - people go for what is perceived as a great buy, and
buy names and/or designations. You got problems selling your 3-star

Put two more on the label, and increase the price Wow, sales take off!
So, that odd bottle of 50 years ago might even be very good! (Or very

of course :-)

Assuming that the bottle is in decent condition, probably "very good" is
the answer. I have done but two Cognac comparisons, a 1960's Courvoisier
VSOP against the 1990 version and a Martel Cordon Bleu from the early
1970s against a 1996-or-so release. In both cases there was a remarkable
quality difference in favor of the older bottling. In fact the two brandies
served blind in the Courvoisier example and we guessed that we had an XO
against a VS. I am not sure that the problem is in putting more stars on
labels as in putting lesser quality in the bottles regardless of what they
to be.