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Default Dinner tonight and dinner tomorrow night (2/16/19-2/17/19)

On Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 1:53:19 PM UTC-5, U.S. Janet B. wrote:
> I'm doing a shrimp Jambalaya tonight. It's rainy and gray with snow
> threatening outside and a nice rice casserole will work well.
> Tomorrow I'm planning fried chicken. I'm just getting ready to soak
> the chicken thighs in buttermilk. I've been craving some fried
> chicken. I would buy some from Popeye's or Kentucky Fried Chicken,
> but apparently it has been decided that we folks close to downtown do
> not like or want chicken. arrggh!
> What are you doing for the rainy, windy, snowy days?
> Janet US

It's not rainy, windy, or snowy here. But it is cold and gloomy.
We had burgers are our local watering hole for lunch. Incidentally,
they've got a card on the table explaining that they won't be putting
straws in every drink, but they're available on request.

After a big lunch, we're having salads for dinner.

Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe stir fry; we've got broccoli, asparagus,
and snow peas.

Cindy Hamilton