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Default what's with peanuts?

On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 20:45:57 GMT, Pamela

On 19:10 10 Feb 2019, Ed Pawlowski wrote:

On 2/10/2019 12:18 PM, Pamela wrote:

I agree. A barbeque can be fun but it rarely produces better food than
cooked indoors.

Better is just opinion. Both can produce excellent food and they are

Many people enjoy a BBQ but, in my experience, they are fooling themselves
if they think they're getting better tasting food.

Maybe the event, the commotion, the smoke, the inevitable alcohol, the
socialising, perhaps a pool, the outdoors air, etc takes their mind off
the sometimes indifferent, and perhaps not well cooked, food.

I have had some good BBQs but the taste of the same food would very often be
better, in absolute terms, cooked in a kitchen.

No one would say the actual food at a picnic is better than at a dining
table but the event and its setting probably compensates. Same for a BBQ.

I must agree. Most who host outdoor BBQs turn out crap... no better
than an upstate NY churchy FEED. Most times the main event is cheap
bologna sandwiches on white bread with yallow mustard.